By day, I am Carmanda, unassuming illustrator sitting with terrible posture and forgetting to drink water while I draw for hours.  By night, I am Carman, teacher of illustration classes.  By Tuesdays, I am Carman the Storyteller on the podcast What the Folklore?

In my paintings, drawings, and writing I attempt to convey worlds of dark whimsy, to create the sort of creatures, places, and characters you can find at the crossroads of the familiar and the strange. 

It’s a strange sort of land, but if you’re the kind of person who chafes in the bindings of reality and finds yourself dreaming of other worlds, I think you’ll fit in just fine.  This is a place for daydreamers and storytellers to meet characters and creatures who do not exist.  Some of them live in my head.  Others, perhaps, live in yours.

Thank you for visiting my weird little world.  I hope you enjoy your stay!