And We’re Back…

So the site took a nosedive late last year when my host provider was compromised at a really bad personal time for the host provider to be compromised.  It took some back and forth in between dealing with a maelstrom of real life junk, and finally I ended up having to delete the entire database and start from scratch, as whatever compromising bit of code had landed in the database itself rather than any specific page on the site.  Or something… in many ways the internet seems like a typey-box operated by a capricious genie, and while I know a little bit of the language I’m still essentially shouting “Where train station is?  How is your cat to get there?” into the ether and hoping that it understands me.

The annoying thing was that I’d just gotten the site “finished” to my satisfaction and was preparing to back it up later that day when I had access to Deskzilla.

Lessons learned from this experience:

  1. Always always back up your site.
  2. Bad things do seem to come in threes.
  3. Sites like Sucuri really want your money and will continue telling you that your website is compromised even if you’ve deleted it.  Luckily Google has your back.
  4. Always back up your site.  Always.
  5. The internet genie does not respond to wishes.

So the site and I are limping along, brushing off the dust.  It’s not at 100% yet, but it’ll get there.  Galleries will be up as soon as I figure out how I’d like to categorize them on this pass for easier navigation, and an About page will be up as soon as I figure out what to say about myself beyond the undying love for chimichangas, which does characterize a good portion of my existence but maybe not the important one.  This blog will be getting a little less *puts on monocle and tophat* professional and a little more *puts on two monocles and a squid hat* quirky in a continued effort to further separate my real work from the stuff I get paid to do for 40 hours a week.

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