I teach classes for youth and adults at the Johns Creek Arts Center in Johns Creek, GA and the Hudgens Art Center in Duluth, GA!  If you or your child is interested in learning drawing techniques, here are a few of the classes I have to offer:

Johns Creek Arts Center

Fundamentals of Illustration (Adults)

Techniques-focused and beginner friendly, we’ll cover foundation skills that will free you of fears and stumbling blocks in your sketchbook.

The first half of this class will focus on fundamental techniques like observational drawing and human proportions.  The second half of class will focus on more abstract thinking to find your own unique style and explore the elements of creating original illustrations.

Digital Character Design (Adults)

Learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to sketch, layout, and finish pages for a graphic novel.  Come ready with ideas, and we’ll walk through the process of character design, scripting, panel design, inking, flats, and shading.

Digital Illustration (Teens and Adults)

Learn the basics of how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to make finished digital illustrations.  We’ll be working from your own scanned sketches to get used to operating the programs.

Creative Writing (Teens and Adults)

If you are the kind of person who has whole worlds and casts of characters living in your mind, this is the class for you!   We’ll explore behavioral psychology and Jungian archetypes to help create believable characters that can drive your story forward.  Then we’ll learn some tricks to making a believable fictional world and compelling descriptions. We’ll finish with a rundown of story structure to help you figure out exactly where to go with your plot.

Cartooning (Ages 8-11)

This is a fun traditional-media introduction to designing cartoon characters.  Learn shape theory, how to keep characters looking the same drawing after drawing, what rules you can break to create unique looking cartoons, and how to draw hands, facial expressions, and characters in motion. Then write a script, plan panel layouts, draw thumbnails, and create finished pages of a comic strip or comic book page.

Teen Drawing and Illustration

Join our weird crew of art-loving teens on Friday nights to learn fundamental drawing techniques you’ll carry with you through your whole art career.  Each session features lessons in figure drawing and drawing from life, with every session focusing on different techniques or media.

Hudgens Center for the Arts

Fundamentals of Illustration (Adults)

Teen Drawing and Illustration

Check out the art centers’ websites for the most recent information on class dates, times, and pricing!