In Honor of Holidaymas, Have Some Free Gift Tags!

Happy Holidaymas season to everyone!  It’s been a pretty sweet December over here so far, and I hope that’s been true of everyone.  I’ve managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done (just two more things to order and a few more things to make at home, a new record) and spent tonight wrapping everything that’s come in so far.  Unfortunately, any art skills I have do not apply to wrapping, so the paper is held together with wishes and hopes and more tape than is advisable and at least one gift has three different types of paper to fix some measurement mistakes.  Oops.

Now I’m sitting back and enjoying the sight of a tree with shiny asymmetrical derpy gifts occasionally getting messed with by a cat (the tree, incidentally, is only decorated at the very top thanks to the efforts of said cat).  I am also enjoying milk and raw cookie dough because ’tis the season to make flimsy excuses about poor eating choices and also because I live on the edge.  Sorry, Tollhouse, if you don’t want people eating raw cookie dough you probably shouldn’t make it more delicious than the finished cookies.

Anyhow, in the spirit of the season as well as the spirit of continued procrastination of laundry, I would like to share with you the document I made for gift tags.  They’re a transparent PNG, so don’t be afeared by their current appearance in this blog; just click for a high resolution image to download and print.

Gift Tags

I printed mine with an inkjet onto Astrobrights Print & Stick paper, which Amazon doesn’t seem to carry anymore, but here’s an alternate sticker paper from a brand I’ve enjoyed for other fancy papers.  You can also just print these out on regular paper and use double-stick tape.  I also use a Fiskars 12″ Paper Trimmer to make cutting faster and neater than I could get with scissors.  It’s one of my favorite tools, having gotten me through many school and art projects over the decades.*

Feel free to download, print, share, go nuts with these, just don’t sell them because that would be mean and Grinchly.  Good luck with your holiday preparation, and I hope your gift wrappings turn out less derptastic than mine!

*Neither of these are sponsored links, nor do the companies have any idea who I am or care about what I like.  I just enjoy paper and cutty things.

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